Align is the new shelving system to equip libraries and educational space dedicated to the display of books. Align meets all the criteria for sustainable production resulting in a robust and stable product. The distribution Of space is done in an ergonomic and aesthetic way in order that access to them is comfortable and effective. 


Technical Information:

  • Wall side shelving 
  • Two different height level - 2100mm with 6 panels & 1500mm with 4 panels 
  • 60mmx 30mm x 1.6mm thick rectangular MS tube frame with 1.0mm thick M.S. sheet brackets & Panels 
  • Powder coated finish after necessary treatment 



Available at various sizes according to your needs and price varies accordingly, find below the pricing for each size variations:


Align (1500mm H)

  • Align SS1 Size: 920mm(L) x 360mm(D) x 1500mm H                                                                                       - Rs. 5,675/-
  • Align SS2 Size: 1810mm(L) x 360mm(D) x 1500mm H                                                                                     - Rs. 10,430/- 
  • Align SS3 Size: 2700mm(L) x 360mm(D) x 1500mm H                                                                                     - Rs. 15,190/- 
  • Align SS4 Size: 3590mm(L) x 360mm(D) x 1500mm H                                                                                     - Rs. 19,940/- 
  • Align SS5 Size: 4480mm(L) x 360mm(D) x 1500mm H                                                                                     - Rs. 24,700/- 


Align (2100mm H)

  • Align LS1 Size: 920mm(L) x 360mm(D) x 2100mm H                                                                                       - Rs. 7,980/- 
  • Align LS2 Size:1810mm(L) x 360mm(D) x 2100mm H                                                                                     - Rs. 14,730/- 
  • Align LS3 Size: 2700mm(L) x 360mm(D) x 2100mm H                                                                                     - Rs. 20,250/-
  • Align LS4 Size: 3590mm(L) x 360mm(D) x 2100mm H                                                                                     - Rs. 28,225/- 
  • Align LS5 size: 4480mm(L) x 360mm(D) x 2100mm H                                                                                     - Rs. 34,515/-  


P.S. SS = Small Single, LS = Large Single


Warranty & Durability: We provide 1 year warranty with all our Distinct Range Products with a Durability of 5-6 years of proper use


Important Note:

  • Price is Inclusive of GST.
  • Transport Cost will be charged Extra.
  • 100% Payment is to be made, for the product to be dispatched.
  • Only contact if you are a Re-seller or Bulk Buyer (Order Value not less than 3 lakhs).



     Contact Person   : Ms. Monica

     Contact Number : 98845 61487



Product Info:

  • Picture-perfect fit

    Ergonomically designed to fit easy and compact use

  • Looks made to last

    Our beautiful designs are crafted from durable materials and finished with extraordinary care

  • Always in stock & quick shipping

    Full collection in stock, real-time updates of stock levels, and speedy delivery

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